By paramount updates

It’s really beautiful when we get to see how the outside world rally around and offer support to each other in times of need and what irks me most of the time in these scenarios (More like an ugly head spoiling a beautiful picture) is when I see our own Celebrities or prominent men and women who love attention trying to champion the cause, offer prayers (#Pray….) when back home in Nigeria they automatically go on a dumb mood when such or similar issues arise.

Now, I will take the case of HurricanHarvey and the current flood in Makurdi into perspective. Americans are currently witnessing a very deadly flood called HurricanHarvey which has rendered thousands of people homeless and killed close to 40 people as at yesterday. When the news broke out, so many people (Including our shameless Nigerian celebrities) showed concern on social media and prayed for the safety of the people in that region. It’s good to care for one another, that’s the basics of humanity but when you do it for the attention, for the gram, it kills the purpose of the whole act. Before looking to help someone outside, check if you have helped everyone in your own house. Matt 7:5 talks about removing log in one’s eyes before trying to remove another person’s own, That scripture could also be interpreted to mean, first help everyone around you before seeking for who to help outside.

We read of how Americans dragged a Pastor, Joel Osteen for not opening his doors initially to the victims of flood, can that happen in Nigeria? Rather in such cases, you will find hundreds of people who will be prepared to defend a man, a ‘Daddy’ they know nothing of what he does in his closets (Some will even tell you they live in the closet with him). So far, no church in Nigeria has indicated interest to help the people of Makurdi despite the news about the flood making major headlines since. We are seeing how American celebrities, companies and prominent people in the country are rally round to offer support financially for the victims of the flood, despite the financial help, others are using the charity foundations to offer help too. Everything doesn’t have to be done by the government.

Now back home in Nigeria, all those Nigerian celebrities that were raising their voices on social media for HurricanHarvey (Before #DebolaLagos blasted their hypocritical nature) have gone dumb on the same issue happening in Makurdi. I have not seen or read any news of any Celebrity showing support for the people of Benue state especially those in Makurdi. Same flood, hundreds of people are displaced and homeless, people are dying. The likes of Tuface (From Benue State) and other celebrities, companies, prominent figureheads have kept quiet. I read of how Beyonce who is from Houston, Texas sprang into action right from day one of the flood helping people with her foundation and have also donated a significant amount of money. Most of the celebrities in Nigeria have charity foundations, but you never hear of them using those foundations to help people in times like this, they only surface when they want to use them as a face to launder money or during campaign period. Even if they do not have money to give (Which I doubt), they can lend their voices, spread the word out and get the world to notice the present situation. Social media is not all about you showing off your Gucci’s and seeking validation from fans. Help those fans too in situations like this.

Written By Intriguing Lone Girl.