There’s No doubt about it Infinix Mobility is one of the biggest and leading brands in the smartphone industry and have satisfied their customers over the years…Now they are trying to let us (Customers) know about the fake counterfeit Infinix phone now flooding the Nigerian Market!!!.




This ‘FAKE’ Infinix smartphones, which are sub-standard phones, are harmful to customers and those around them. Customers should pay more attention and only buy Infinix smartphones from well-known and authorized dealers or Outlets.




There is also a huge price difference as the FAKE smartphone prices are almost half the price of the Original smartphone from Infinix (ridiculous right?). The major differences between the “Fake” and the “Original” can be spotted in this video below.




So, readers, it is advisable you do your research before purchasing that infinix mobile smartphone or accessories….also try to buy from Notable, Reliable and authorized dealers. Well, I hope you liked this article if you did please kindly share with your friends.