It seems Opera’s latest browser takes chatting to a whole new level with the integration of Whatsapp, Telegram, and Facebook. So Now you don’t have to constantly pick up your phone to reply to messages because now, opera lets you reply them right from your desktop or laptops.

Apart from adding new and interesting set of features, Opera is set to enlarge itself on the social media front by integrating Whatsapp, Facebook, and Telegram so users will be able to chat away right from the sidebar of the browser without having to pick up their mobile phones.

Browsing and chatting simultaneously is cumbersome and inefficient now, as you need to switch between tabs when responding to a message. We believe this needs to change. That’s why we bring you Opera Reborn, the first browser to allow messengers to reside within your browser, without the need to install any extensions or apps.

This is an interesting move and also big step-up from Opera, given how much we spend time on our Web browsers when we are using our laptops and desktop computer. To explain the motive behind this new motive from Opera, here’s a video from the company itself:

With Opera Reborn you can now access your Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp and Telegram straight from the browser’s sidebar as explained above. Another interesting feature is the ability to drag and drop files and images into the IM window to send them to your friends and family, this way you are not pushed out of the browser at all at any given time.

So if you’re ready to try out Opera Reborn then you can learn more by Clicking here. Apart from the social integration to the browser, there is much more which everyone should know about.