This is the second time that you, our Vice President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, would be Acting President. The first time you were Acting President, President Muhammadu Buhari travelled to London for medical attention.

I joined other Nigerians then to pray for quick recovery of President Buhari. We thank God he came back alive. When Buhari was away, you performed wonders by ensuring the appreciation of value of the naira. You also toured the Niger Delta area of the country.

You toured the Niger Delta with a view to ensuring that militants stopped blowing up gas pipelines and other activities inimical to the progress of Nigeria. There were results, but I am not advising you to continue that way because caution should be the watchword.

When Buhari returned to the country, he commended you for your performance. There was no problem between you and your boss, Buhari. On Sunday April 7, 2017, Buhari embarked on a follow-up medical trip to London. Between the two of you, I don’t see any problem, except the one that some politicians want to cause now. I believe that God will thwart their evil plans.

But my main concern is the revelation I received as a result of an analysis on the letter, which Buhari sent to the National Assembly, that sought to make Osinbajo the ‘Coordinator of National Affairs.’ This is alien to our constitution in this country, though the National Assembly has said Osinbajo is the Acting President.

To me, the development is a first step in a series of events being orchestrated by a cabal to force you (Osinbajo) to resign ahead of 2019 general election. Instead of the cabal to pray and have unflinching faith in God for quick recovery of Buhari, they are busy strategising against you. Like every other patriotic Nigerian, I am praying for Buhari to recover quickly.

I want the cabal and every Nigerian to note that President Buhari might have lost the 2015 presidential election if he had contested the poll with another running mate instead of Osinbajo. Vividly, by the analysis done by me, if Buhari and somebody else and not Osinbajo had contested the presidential election in 2015, Buhari might not have come to power. I believe Osinbajo is a God–sent man. He is a pastor and I see him as a prophet too because he is so simple. Buhari and Osinbajo came to power as president and vice president based on a joint mandate. The joint mandate must be respected by the powers that be in this country.

I am using this medium to appeal to you, Acting President Prof. Osinbajo, not to resign under whatever circumstance so that you would not betray the confidence Nigerians reposed in your joint mandate with Buhari.

I can bet with my life that President Buhari is not a thief and he means well for the country. In fairness, I also believe in Osinbajo. For the little time that Buhari was away on medical vacation recently, Osinbajo tried his best for this country. The value of the naira appreciated. I am sure with time again, the value of the naira will be on a higher side and dollar will be on a lower side.

Nigerians should note that the mandate they gave to Buhari, is not just for Buhari; it is a joint mandate for Buhari and Osinbajo. I am sure God wants to use Osinbajo to rectify things in this country. So, I believe in Buhari/Osinbajo joint mandate.

I want to give Osinbajo this advice that under no circumstance, because of our vote and the trust we put in his joint ticket with Buhari, should he resign. The votes that brought them to power were for Buhari and Osinbajo. He should not disappoint us.

I cast my vote because it is Buhari/Osinbajo. The vote is a debt they owe. So, they should have the fear of God. Osinbajo should not resign, no matter what. The cabal should have the fear of God. Osinbajo should not be afraid of any threat from anywhere. Nobody is above God.

Since you are a man of God, you should stand by God. He should not be forced to resign and you should not resign on your own. Please, continue to hold the mandate for President Buhari. When Buhari gets well, you should hand over to him. But in the absence of Buhari, you should not be forced to resign.

I believe in Buhari and Osinbajo joint mandate. I am crying now because I don’t understand where things are going in Nigeria now. The cabal may ask you to resign. But, let me use this medium to tell you, please, don’t resign.

You have a mandate because we voted for Buhari and you. The mandate will last till May 29, 2019. So, you should not be coerced to resign so that you would not betray the confidence we have in you. I pray that God will be with you as you pilot the affairs of the country, in the absence of President Buhari.