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Prevent Your From Water Damage

That awkward moment when your phone falls into water and it suddenly feels like the world is about to end 🙁  you are suddenly thinking and looking for ways to fix your phone from water damage. In recent times, smartphones are very important and rarely do we see people who live without one this century. A lot of individuals store so much information on their devices and use it for many things such that if something happens to the phone or it gets misplaced their whole world could come crashing.

Its no news that phone produced in recent times now come with water resistance ,(e.g are the latest flagship of Samsung; Galaxy S8 and S8 plus or the new iPhone 8 or iPhone X ) But its also not news there are thousands of people also using phones without this ability to resist water. So what now do you do when your phone falls into water?

Note: How fast you react after your phone falls in water is very important, the longer it takes the longer the damage so you have to react fast and pick the phone out even if it’s water toilet. As soon as you pick the phone out, if it’s still on which is most likely make sure you switch it off immediately.

What Not to Do After Dropping Your Phone in Water

  1. Do not turn it on, this is very important.
  2. Do not press any keys or buttons, this will only push water in to the device further.
  3. For the same reason above, do not shake or move the device around.
  4. If you try to blow into the smartphone you are pushing more water into its component, do not do this.
  5. Do not heat the smartphone.

Quick Ways to Fix Your Phone from Water Damage

  1. Open up the smartphone from the back, remove the battery, SIM card, SD card and any other thing that is removable, do this with patience and do not panic.
  2. Use a tissue paper roll to dry out the phone gently, dry out every part you can see gently. If possible use a small vacuum cleaner to dry out the excess water.
  3. After removing the water, it is now try to dry out the phone completely. Bury the phone inside rice or silica gel for 24-48 hours, in the meantime find a small phone to put your SIM card for some days so as to receive and make calls.
  4. Pick the phone out after 48 hours, insert the battery, SIM and SD card to and switch on.


Your phone is most likely to work after taking the above steps but till try to monitor the phone for some days to see if any part of a button or a part of the screen, speaker, earphone jack, etc is not functioning properly if a fault is detected you should take it to an engineer for repairs.