No doubt that Skype is probably the best and oldest VOIP service provider out there today, it is widely used by millions and millions of people each day. While the existence of other IM apps like Whatsapp, Hangouts, Viber and the likes, Skype is still one of the few that lets you not just call but video call and IM at the same time within the convenience of your browser.

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Now, the company owned by Microsoft has announced a new feature for Skype on the web. You can now be able to use Skype to make video calls and chat with friends without having an account. In my opinion, this is basically a “Guest mode” which can be used for chatting, making calls and lots more with your friends even when they don’t have a skype account. Yes!! guys…its possible.

How To Use Skype Without An Account

  1. Goto
  2. Then click on the “Start a Conversation” button.
  3. Enter your name and hit the “Start a Conversation” button.
  4. This will load a screen, with a unique URL for your guest account.
  5.  Copy this URL and paste it into any email or chat (in third party app), and send it to your friends or family.
  6. They simply just need to click on the URL to join the conversation.


Below is a video by that explains a little further:

While you might think this is great there is something I think you might want to know. Now the guest account offers the same customization like the ‘normal’ account would but conversions in guest mode automatically expires after 24hours. Well, all the same I think this is a very interesting feature that I would definitely use a lot.